Building Blocks

Building Blocks come in brick-shaped forms with smooth surface. They contain very negligible salinity and are of great strength. They are hollow, which means they prevent sound and heat.

Building blocks retain less water and salinity which reduces the risk of dampening and in turn weakening. This makes them more durable and strong than clay bricks. They reduce the gravity load of the building, i.e, the weight of the structure is reduced. It is far more effective at reducing the cost of construction as it requires less in number than bricks. It requires less mortar as well saving both time and money needed for construction.
It is energy efficient allowing the building to regulate the temperature according to the weather, keeping your home at an optimum temperature. Its sound dampening properties that give you the peace and quiet you deserve in your home. Concrete blocks can also be used for interior design because of its contemporary look. One of the best things about these blocks is that they can have a wide range of applications. From anyone looking to build their own homes, real estate companies looking to build apartment complexes or even industrialists looking to build factories can use concrete blocks as a building material. That’s not all, concrete blocks are great for interior design as they give a contemporary look to the homes.