Building Products

Being a leader in the industry, we have always strived to innovate. We are working towards the enhancement of the quality of building materials available in the market. Starting with concrete blocks as our first venture, we hope to expand to other products soon. We guarantee excellent customer service, on-time delivery, and a high-quality product.

We researched safer sustainable ways to build better homes. That brought us some wonderful results in terms of engineering solutions, utilization of solar energy, and greenery. This helped us create homes with a more ecological balance which set a standard for future projects to come. And the production of building materials to fit the criteria was the next step to ensuring those standards were upheld.

bti building products is a recent addition to our innovative endeavors to contribute to the construction field of the country. We aspire to provide you with innovative, cost-effective, quality, and eco-friendly building products. Which brings us to concrete blocks – a one of a kind building product that will change the conventional way of construction.

The exciting innovation of the Concrete Block

Concrete Blocks are an environment friendly alternative to burnt clay bricks. They are made with readily available raw materials and do not release harmful gases when manufactured. The concrete block has a plethora of advantages in the future of construction products, now easily available from bti building products.



  • Cost-Effective
  • Durable
  • Soundproof
  • Resistant to Salinity
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Available throughout the year

Why are they better than clay bricks?

Normal clay bricks are just a rectangular piece of a block made of compressed clay. They are affected by the mineral content and chemical nature of the raw materials, the temperature at which the brick is burnt, as well as the environment in the kiln. It produces harmful gases as a byproduct of the manufacturing process.

The concrete block is machine-made and consistent in its finish and unaffected by weather conditions. It is lightweight and also decreases the use of mortar as well as the construction cost and time and labor hours. The weight of the structure decreases as well as the gravity load. It is able to regulate temperature to an optimum level according to the weather outside as well.