bti Building Block factory is situated in Joypura, Dhamrai amidst lush greenery over an area of 5 bighas. The design of our factory has been conceptualized via modern architectural design. Of all the features in the factory, a notable one would be the factory shed that stretches over 1 bigha. It helps to maintain water and cement ratio properly and protects raw materials from rain water. All modern equipment is used to make our products via fully automated systems. We have provided modern dormitory and recreational facilities along with training for the factory’s stakeholders: our workers. Our state-of-the-art product testing lab is equipped to test both raw material and finished products.

Another notable feature would be the environmentally friendly aspects included in our production process. We have a rigorous product recycling system. Moreover, both rain water and curing water in our premises percolates and penetrates the soil, leaving less or no surface water.