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Building Blocks come in brick-shaped forms with smooth surface. They contain very negligible salinity and are of great strength. They are hollow, which means they prevent sound and heat. Building blocks retain less water and salinity which reduces the risk of dampening and in turn weakening.

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The exciting new innovation of the HOLLOW BLOCK

Hollow block is a special kind of machine-made hollow block with a locking mechanism in its structure which helps form linkage between blocks. It is an innovation in Bangladesh building product sector, characterized by its cost effectiveness, strength and eco-friendliness. Its amazing resilience to humidity as well as sound proofing capacity makes it a great product to replace the outdated brick and mortar construction in our country. Being cost effective, it is the ideal way of construction in developing countries.
It also has the advantage of being available throughout the year unlike the bricks in our country, which are scarce during rainy season and a problem to use due to the prevalent humid weather as well as the salinity retention. The hollow block having a plethora of advantages is the future of construction products, now easily available from bti building products.

How does it differ from normal bricks?

Normal red bricks are just a rectangular piece of block made of compressed clay.
The clay brick is affected by the mineral content and chemical nature of the raw materials, the temperature at which the brick is burnt, as well as the environment in the kiln.

The hollow block is machine made and consistent in its finish and unaffected by weather conditions unlike the red bricks in our country.
The hollow block uses technology which fits two bricks in a locking shape; it is like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle as a result of which they are highly uniform in shape. It also decreases the use of mortar due to its mechanism as well as the construction cost and time and labor hours.

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The factory is situated in Joypura, Dhamrai. The whole manufacturing process is done in-house with state of the art, fully automated, imported machines and full quality control measures to ensure the product is of the highest quality. Our focus presently is to make high class, good quality hollow blocks and pavement tiles of various sizes as well as cater for custom-size production. At bti BUILDING PRODUCTS, we are constantly researching the different needs and requirements of the construction & real estate sector of Bangladesh. In due time, we will be expanding our resources to introduce more products as well as to start exporting building products.

Our present focus is on production and promotion of:

  • Hollow Blocks
  • Pavement Tiles