The services that bti Building Products provides cumulatively serves the nation as a whole. That being said, here we will introduce to our clients the services we provide not only to our customers but also our workers. Besides selling quality building products, bti Building Products extends it services of transportation, labor and construction to the customers. Be it buildings, roads or pavements, our services by our very own trained and skilled workforce have got you covered and you can trust us to build a sturdy outcome of any project handed to us. Our workers are given base by base, on the job training where an engineering team guides them to efficiently work and learn skills. Batches of already-skilled workers, alongside a new batch of trainees, go through the process of working in our factory.


We have an expert team of workers and engineers who can train unskilled workers in the use of concrete blocks. Concrete blocks require a different skillset to be used as construction materials, so we provide our expertise on the matter to help others understand the process easily.

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