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Introducing Concrete Hollow Blocks from bti

bti has successfully set up and commenced production of environment-friendly concrete hollow blocks. This is the latest venture in our quest for backward linkage integration. As Bangladesh moves ahead to become a middle-income country, many of the traditional practices of construction are changing.

A Quality Construction Behind The Scene – Episode 3

This episode brings us an insight to how the construction process starts. We also get a look into the excellent workmanship that goes into constructing the perfect home for you. From the ingredients used to the workflow and craftsmanship, we can get an idea of the work process in this episode.

bti Hollow Blocks

bti Hollow Blocks are the latest innovation by some of our finest experts in construction technology.

HELLO SERIES, Episode 2 building product – concrete block

In pursuit of excellence, bti keeps on bringing out new products & services. Through HELLO series, we will let you know all about our new products & services!