Why Us

why us

bti, being the leading real estate company in Bangladesh, has been stepping up to take responsibility for quite some time now. They have developed an environmentally-friendly and reliable response to the pollution caused by the burnt clay bricks. It’s estimated that about 58% of the air pollution in Bangladesh is caused by brickfields producing burnt clay bricks. bti has set up its own factory in Dhamrai, which produces 25000 blocks per day, rounding them up to around 6.5 million annually. This could surely cut down the percentage of both pollution and delivery time of a project without compromising quality if its use is popularized.

The good news is recent times have seen a slow but growing demand for these blocks. Out of social responsibility, other real estate companies are slowly shifting away from clay bricks as well. Fair-faced buildings and interiors have seen an increase in popularity as well. Newer homeowners often opt for a more contemporary look that concrete blocks offer. If this trend continues, it could positively impact our environment as well.

bti building products are well on its way to bring a positive change the way the real estate industry functions. It is not only a more eco-friendly option but has the potential to make safer homes. And in doing so it saves time and money that helps meet the ever-growing demand for housing. Our stronghold in the real estate building goes to show the reliability you can place on us and with our products we bring to you uncompromising quality.