Let Pavement Tiles Glam Up Your Interiors

Although the concept is quite unfamiliar in Bangladesh, in other countries pavement tiles are widely used to create amazing interior concepts that provide a unique, modern, and outdoorsy look to your home. If you are looking to give your interiors a fresh new look, our pavement tiles can be worth every penny. The texture, color, and shape add structure to any interior installation you desire, making your space appear chic! Here are some fantastic ideas for you.


Low-Maintenance Seating Arrangement

Yes, with pavement tiles you can easily create unique seating arrangements, especially on your rooftop, balcony, and terrace. If you have a swimming pool, it would be better to use paving around it because wooden decks require more maintenance. In fact, paving with these tiles creates a durable and hard wearing structure but also increases style! Around the swimming pool or rooftop you can create walkways for a healthy stroll in your daily routine.


Great For Landscaping

A home is incomplete without landscaping and greenery and we know it. That is why we suggest that you use pavement tiles as flooring for your garden or terrace. Choose a color that matches the interior of your home but also goes with the plants. A warmer color would be better-suited in this case. A perfect option for minimalists who want as much space as possible, pair the flooring with simplistic furniture and unique accent pieces that may have bold color palettes. Have fun experimenting! You can also use pavement tiles to create structures that can hold the soil for plants to grow and bask under the sun. 


Monochrome Vibes

When you have too much color going on around your home, toning it down is a wise decision. You can easily do that by installing pavement tiles within your home but choosing only one color. Maybe, an entire wall or part of a wall can be covered with the same-colored pavement tiles. That wall can be covered with your personal decorations or bare if you prefer. The stark contrast with the white of the surrounding walls would certainly upgrade the aesthetics.


Complementary Colors

This idea is for those whose interiors are too bland. Use pavement tiles on your floor with two different colors. It would look great in your kitchen or terrace, but remember to use the colors carefully. Create an outer border with one color and use the other colored-tiles to fill in. Although this is a very simple way of paving the floor, it would look beautiful. Patterns are also a fun way to dress your floor. Choose similarly patterned tiles on the floor and create a border, then choose a different patterned tile to fill the shape in.


Stacking Pavement Tiles

By stacking pavement tiles on top of another you could explore your artistic intentions in various ways. Create various shapes with stacked tiles if you have enough space in your home. If you want to raise the level of a particular floor in a room, then stacking is not a good idea. It is doable with new pavement tiles only, but new pavement tiles stacked on top of older pavement tiles can make the structure wobbly and uneven looking. The colors may not match or the patterns may not fall in place either. 
Pavement tiles can also be used to spice up your parking lots, driveways, footpaths, approach ramps, etc. If you are looking for customizable options, let us know! Our expertise in high quality construction and innovation will help create marvelous structures for you.