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Pavement Tiles and Unipavers: Add Elegance to Your Tracks

When you walk on footpath or pavement in Dhaka, you may notice the changes they have
gone through in the last decade. The same changes you may also observe in walkways or
walking tracks, rooftop garden, sidewalk, driveway, parking lot and many other places of
modern residential, commercial and industrial areas. Instead of traditional red clay bricks you
find some kinds of strong engraved tiles or block-type substances there. Such tiles and blocks
are manufactured by bti Building Products, and they are called Pavement Tiles and
Unipavers. These building products are now widely used because of their various
applications and utilities. You can certainly feel elegance while stepping on the tracks made
of them. In the following sections you will get some ideas on Pavement Tiles and Unipavers
manufactured by bti Building Products.

Pavement Tiles:
The earthly and natural tone of pavement tiles adds elegance to your tracks. So, the uses of
pavement tiles for splendid walkways and other applications are getting huge appreciation.
Some applications of Pavement Tiles:

Walkway, Sidewalk:
In creating beautiful walkways inside or around your home and on the rooftop, pavement tiles
are matchless. Pavement tiles are replacing red bricks in making sidewalks along the streets
in cities and towns.

Driveway and Parking Lot:
You can make a durable and better driveway using pavement tiles. Parking lot or car park
needs proper grip to hold car-wheels. Pavement tiles are designed so and are being used
widely to make parking lot. Pavement tiles are easily installable, and the parking lot made of
them can easily be maintained.

You obviously like to make your roof garden good looking and natural from all aspects. You
can use pavement tiles in the creation of a beautiful rooftop garden. Pavement tiles are
aesthetically excellent. So they will make your rooftop garden and outdoor spaces look fresh
even during the monsoon. As pavement tiles’ surface is non-skid, they are safe for walking
and cycling even when they are wet.

Pool Deck or Pool Patio:
Pool deck or pool patio is the immediate area around your pool, where you place lounge
chairs, tables and other backyard furniture. You can create the look of your entire swimming
area by using pavement tiles in this pool deck.

Industrial Yard:
You can use pavement tiles in industrious yards, because having the size of 12x12x1 inch,
these tiles are strong and highly durable. You can even customize them according to your
required PSI (strength) as you place an order to purchase form bti Building Products, so that

our pavement tiles can withstand high load. Therefore, using pavement tiles in industrial
yards will ensure smooth conveyance by vehicles without the tiles having to crack.

Pavement tiles are used for promenade which is usually a public place, i.e. a wide path for
walking next to the sea.

Aesthetic and Functional Appeal:
Pavement tiles, manufactured by bti Building Products, can be found in varieties of styles and
colours. They are versatile in design and used for attractive floor finish. So they are
aesthetically appealing. Pavement tiles are homogeneous in shape, and so they are easy to
install in both residential and commercial spaces. They can be used in any weather
conditions. Pavement tiles make your way smooth and  safe. Another advantage of pavement
tiles is that they can be replaced easily if needed. So, not only from an aesthetic perspective,
but also from a functional point of view, pavement tiles are very effective.

Unipaver is a popular pavement surfacing block and also a flooring material. It is used for
various purposes.

Some Applications of Unipavers:
Unipavers are used for residential and commercial premises, and for various exterior
pavement applications. They are widely used in footpaths, walkways, garden landscaping,
pavements, driveways, factory yards, etc.
Besides having aesthetic and functional appeals, unipavers have various benefits.

Some Utility of Unipavers:
High-Strength and Durability:
Unipavers are made of cement, coarse sand, fine sand, pea gravel and stone dust through
modern machinery and state-of-the-art technology in bti Building Products’ factory in
Dhamari. So, unipavers are extremely durable, environment-friendly and cost-effective. They
can even sustain the load of hefty vehicles and can last for many years due to high strength
and durability.

Aesthetic Appeal:
Unipavers are comfortable to work on. They come in a variety of colours- red, yellow, blue,
gray and black. So they are aesthetically very pleasing.

Functional Appeal:
Functionally, unipavers are very beneficial. They can be used in any weather conditions.
Unipavers are slip-resistant and skid-resistant. So, for exterior pavement and driveways these
unipavers are truly a good solution during the rainy season.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:
Unipavers are accurate in dimensions and convenient for usage. Their interlocking pattern
makes them easy to install without any modern machinery and saves them from cracks.

Simply washing with water can keep them clean and glossy; so their maintenance is easy. As
unipavers do not need polishing or painting for maintenance, they can be the appropriate
solution to creating low maintenance pathways. Even these unipavers can easily be replaced
when necessary.

You can choose unipavers from a range of sizes. You can also customize unipaver to meet
your preferences while placing order to purchase from bti Building Products.

Pavement Tiles and Unipavers have changed the look of our floors and pavements around the
city. Having a lot of utility and various applications in residential, commercial and industrial
projects, our pavement tiles and unipavers have gained much popularity within prospective
customers and developers. More than that, people prefer them to add elegance to their
walking tracks.