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4 Eco-friendly Building Products Used in Sustainable Construction

The real estate industry of Bangladesh is largely dependent on clay bricks for a variety of reasons. However, these bricks not only harm the environment but also increase the overall cost of construction. Planned urbanization, sustainable construction, and a safe environment now call for alternative building materials. By choosing eco-friendly building products, we can prevent environmental hazards and also save construction costs at the same time. Among the innovative building materials used worldwide, Concrete Hollow Blocks are considered superior to other conventional materials such as burnt clay bricks. Our approach to green construction does not limit to hollow blocks only. Over time we have introduced several other eco-friendly products such as Concrete Solid Brick, Unipavers, and Pavement Tiles which are undoubtedly great construction solutions.  


Concrete Hollow Block

Unlike the traditional red bricks, hollow blocks do not need to be burnt; they are made from automated processes which means they cause no harm to the environment and come out with smooth finishing. The hollow blocks of bti Building Products are fireproof, damp-proof, earthquake-resistant, and most importantly eco-friendly. On the other hand, the soil used in the conventional method of making bricks is collected from the surface of agricultural land. As a result, the amount of our agricultural land is decreasing day by day which is threatening our food security. A study found that on average, about 600 acres of agricultural land is being lost every day which is more than 1% of the total cultivable lands. This means Concrete Hollow Blocks are a great alternative to clay bricks.  Above all, the government has announced Concrete Hollow Blocks to be made mandatory by 2025 whereas we have been producing and using our blocks since 2016. Thus, when it comes to innovation in construction, we are always one step ahead.


Concrete Solid Brick

Just like Concrete Hollow Blocks, solid bricks are also an innovation in construction. They also have almost the same properties just as hollow blocks. They come in different sizes and uniform shapes. Concrete Bricks are made with powdered portland cement, concrete, water, sand, and gravel. Being made of concrete, solid bricks are strong and increase the durability of construction. Unlike the traditional red bricks, it has less salt which makes its salinity negligible. Our Concrete Bricks are far more durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. This makes any construction long-lasting and sustainable as it does not require the use of clay bricks. The amount of noise pollution and heat transfer is comparatively 40% less, and the solid bricks are able to adapt to any kind of weather change.


Pavement Tiles

Pavement tiles have also paved the way for green construction. When you are done with construction, you may need to make sidewalks, entryways, driveways, or more. Pavement Tiles are highly suitable for making driveways, walkways, entryways, rooftops etc. The Pavement Tiles of bti Building Products are made in automated machines using state-of-the-art technology without any involvement of manual labor. Moreover, their easy installation process is ideal for gardening and landscaping. They are not just kind to the environment but also add elegance to your tracks.  



Unipavers are primarily used as flooring materials. Our Unipavers are made of cement, coarse sand, fine sand, pea gravel, and stone dust. They are locally sourced and machine-made. This is how we utilize recycled materials so that they do not cause any harm to the environment. They are getting seemingly popular because they are easy to install and highly durable. Hence, they are widely used in footpaths, walkways, pavements, driveways, factory yards, and garden landscaping. Unlike other flooring materials, they can be customized according to your preference, so you can choose the size, shape, and colors of your choice.  


An exemplary approach to green construction

We always believe in green construction and thus we incorporate greenery in each of our projects. That’s why we implement earthquake-resistant designs with fire safety measures. Because we understand that a catastrophe does not just harm one individual only but also the environment and an entire community. bti Building Products has been using eco-friendly building materials for ensuring green construction from the very beginning. Moreover, we use solar panels in all our projects to reduce energy consumption. Through nature-integrated designs, be it on rooftops, entryways, gardens, or wherever possible, we make sure that every home is sustainably made.   

We have only one earth, so it is our solemn duty to protect the only home we have by incorporating and using eco-friendly building materials as much as possible. This is how we can reduce the harmful emission of carbon to save the environment before it’s too late.