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Concrete Hollow Blocks Are Fireproof Myth Busted!

Our happiness largely depends on how safe we feel at home. Choosing an eco-friendly building material to build your dream home not only saves the environment but also saves your overall construction costs. Among all the innovative building materials used worldwide, Concrete Hollow Blocks are considered to be superior to other conventional materials such as burnt clay bricks. Their excellent fire-resistant features help to keep the blaze at bay. They do not emit harmful chemicals, unlike the traditional red bricks. There are other reasons why this particular product tops all the other building materials.

One of the main reasons that the hollow blocks do not catch fire is the reason for the inflammable materials they are made of. When exposed to high temperatures, they do not even discharge any baleful chemicals. Flammable materials, on the other hand, combine oxygen that facilitates the flame to cause and spread the fire easily. The raw materials used in hollow blocks are cement, stone dust, coarse and fine sands, along with pea gravel. They consume less energy and no harmful gases are emitted which makes them non-flammable and ensures the safety of buildings. 

Another major factor of the hollow block being fireproof is it is low in thermal conductivity. This implies that even if a building catches fire it takes less time to spread in the entire building. Its load-bearing capacity and structural features do not let it catch fire easily even if any building is set on fire, the non-combustible materials protect it from spreading fire. Nevertheless, not all kinds of concrete blocks are fireproof. Hollow blocks consist of cement and other aggregated materials that are needed to protect any structure from catching fire.  

Above all, the presence of concrete in the hollow block does not cause any chemical reaction. Concrete can withstand fire for up to four hours. Although it depends on the other aspects of our homes such as furniture, fixtures, fittings, etc. Unlike wood and steel, concrete takes less time to spread fumes. Of course, only the presence of concrete does not ensure that a building will not catch fire. It just follows a concrete structure to spread the flame from one area to another contrary to a wooden structure.  

To sum it up, hollow blocks prove to be a great choice for construction in minimizing the danger of fire. Now that the myth is busted about whether Concrete Hollow Blocks are fireproof or not, you can undoubtedly choose this material for building a safe haven for your family.