Hollow Concrete Blocks: A Low-Cost Material for Home Design

Among the many benefits of hollow concrete blocks are the facts that they can reduce the air conducting load up to 50% and absorb 3 to 4% less water than traditional blocks, according to Ecologic. These building blocks, becoming increasingly more popular for both construction companies and homeowners feature simplicity in their use as building elements, strength factors when compared to other conventional blocks such as bricks, adaptability in respect to achieving the desired architectural shape, and even beauty in their economy in construction.

Benefits of Hollow Blocks for Construction Companies

These types of hollow concrete blocks are more useful than other types of building materials due to their lightweight nature and ease of which they facilitate ventilation. In fact, one concrete hollow block replaces five traditional bricks, which ultimately reduces the construction cost of a home in the long-run. The blocks are made out of a mixture of cement, sand and stone chip, providing an easy way for construction companies to easily seal the concrete as well as conceal electrical conduits. This saves cement in masonry work, bringing down the cost of construction considerably, benefiting not only the construction companies but the individuals they are building homes for.

Utilizing Hollow Blocks for Optimal Thermal Design

In a modern home that is focused on conscious energy consumption, it makes sense to build with a material that allows for optimal thermal usage and design. A hollow block wall is a great addition to a home in terms of thermal benefits as long as you ensure the correct placement of the mixture in all the joints to avoid thermal bridges. You’ll also want to incorporate insulators such as EPS or Glass Wool into the interior of the blocks to use as an exterior insulating plaster. By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to fully reap the benefits of the reduced heating and cooling costs and associated maintenance fees that come with incorporating hollow bricks into your home.

Increasing Sustainability from a Construction Standpoint 

Utilizing hollow blocks in construction not only brings about tremendous operational efficiencies, but they allow companies to lower the cost of a home design and construction while reducing their impact on the environment. These blocks are machine made concrete blocks, unlike bricks that are fabricated the traditional mud baking way, which means they don’t release harmful fumes into the atmosphere. This is a two-fold pro in terms of both the designer and homeowner as the company will not only be able to reduce their carbon footprint, but the homeowner will see a reduction in their energy consumption, cutting costs and overall environmental impact.

Utilizing the Material in a Low-Cost, High-Design Manner

Choosing to work with hollow concrete bricks is beneficial for both construction companies and homeowners. Architects across the world are beginning to utilize the adaptability that hollow bricks present from a design aspect, managing to reduce the costs of their projects without sacrificing spatial and architectural quality in high-end, luxury spaces. Construction companies, as well, are beginning to see the operational benefits and homeowners are reaping the benefits of lower heating, cooling and upkeep costs.