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Usage of Concrete Hollow Block in Bangladesh

Ever since modern construction started in Bangladesh, people mostly relied on using traditional red bricks for construction. The reasons are obvious. Producing red bricks requires cheap labor. Its raw materials are readily available. However, with increased reports of global warming and environmental degradation already adversely affecting Bangladesh, experts are now considering alternatives. Since producing red bricks is very harmful for the environment, environmentally conscious developers and manufacturing industries have moved on to a far better choice – concrete hollow blocks. 


Our Story

Concrete hollow blocks are very popular in other countries for masonry, constructing boundaries, floodgates, and a wide range of other functions. Bangladesh was largely unfamiliar with it. In 2011, bti Building Products started manufacturing concrete hollow blocks from its factory in Dhamrai. It was an innovative move, since most developers were still using red bricks. We recognized the genius behind the production of concrete hollow blocks and its potential to change the construction scenario in our country forever. 


Why Choose Concrete Hollow Blocks

Concrete hollow blocks are machine-made, which means every edge will be seamless, smooth, with an overall perfect finishing. Since there is no physical labor or time-consuming manual work involved in production, it saves both time and costs. Red bricks require extreme high temperatures and conditions for manufacturing, but concrete hollow blocks can be easily made in normal conditions, which again saves time and costs, and also prevents them from harming the environment. Its raw materials are readily available and sustainable, which means you will not have to worry about raw materials supply. The production process requires much less water and cement compared to red bricks. Since concrete hollow blocks are cheaper and quicker to produce, your construction time is also reduced. These are great advantages, which encouraged many developers to use the blocks in their buildings. 


One red brick unit is equivalent to five units of concrete hollow blocks. This aspect also helps in ensuring faster, cost-effective construction. The mineral composition of red bricks can deteriorate with time, and water from the atmosphere can add to the damage.  Concrete hollow blocks are weather-resistant and soundproof, something that red bricks are not. Homes made with these blocks remain warm in the winters and cool during the summers as a result. With time, a building made of red bricks can lose its durability and strength, but a building made of concrete hollow blocks becomes stronger and tougher with time, making it more resistant in the wake of natural calamities. When weights are compared, you will realize concrete hollow blocks are way lighter than red bricks, making its use even more convenient.


A New Generation of Building Blocks

The concrete hollow block manufacturing industry is now worth a staggering 90 billion taka. The Government has declared that all buildings should be made of concrete hollow blocks, and by three years it will become mandatory for construction firms to use these blocks only. The move was made to ensure prevention of the environmental damage caused by red brick kilns. The demand is soaring to the point that now many kiln owners are moving to manufacture concrete hollow blocks instead of red bricks. A massive challenge is to familiarize non-urban people with hollow blocks, who are still not aware of the damage caused by traditional red bricks. Even if they understand the benefits of hollow blocks, they would try to buy from small companies who produce cheap hollow blocks, but of low-quality. To avoid such situations, it is always best to procure blocks from a reliable name. 

If you are an individual hoping to build your dream home, or a developer all set to embark on a new construction project, ask bti Building Products for concrete hollow blocks. We have been producing it since 2011 and have been leading the industry since then, with rigorous testing conducted by engineering experts and use of top-notch raw materials. Our high-quality concrete hollow blocks are sure to impress you!